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ALBERTA is going into a recession

ALBERTA is going into a recession if oil prices remain down here in the 40’s. ALL those high paying jobs will be lost . what may happen is that the workers and families that that migrated there may return to Ontario because we will have a pick up in manufacturing because of the low dollar,…
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THE GREAT DIVIDE! Condo’s vs Houses

THE GREAT DIVIDE! Condo's vs Houses- The landscape in housing has changed over the last 40 years in real estate.  When I first started nobody wanted to buy space in the air (condo).  They had a hard enough time getting their heads around the houses that were attached, ie: townhouses and semi's. What a change!…
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Rate Your Condo

Rate or comment on your condo, keep the following in mind while rating your condo: Affordability: Amenities: Equity: Security: Low Maintenance: Location:  Condominium Association: Condominium Community:
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CMHC to rein in mortgage liabilities

CMHC to rein in mortgage liabilities to $545B this year "Canada's national housing agency expects to trim the amount of insured mortgages it's keeping on its books this year, a continuation of a multiyear trend that started in 2011. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) said in its annual report released Monday it expects to…
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